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As an agricultural product, the quality of finished tea is dependent on the conditions in which it was grown. Our search for the best of these has taken us to many of the most breathtaking and complicated corners of the planet.

We have learned – great teas are not produced by a workforce under duress. Which is why we buy only from the top 10% of global producers – with flawless ethical track records. Across the board, we only deal with partners and suppliers who adhere to the following:

  • Stewardship of the environment
  • Sustainable farming and manufacturing processes
  • Social equity for workers
  • Commitment to education for worker’s families
  • Commitment that everyone in the supply chain benefits
  • An ethical, compliant and food safe business ethos

By supporting ethical producers, we can do our part to move the global tea market toward a more sustainable future.


Metropolitan Tea guarantees our teas and accessories to be free from child labor. As a signatory to the Ethical Tea Partnership, we conduct regular supplier visits to ensure our policy is being followed.

If we find a supplier has used child labour, they will be dropped from our list of suppliers and authorities in that country will be notified. Our suppliers provide children on their estates with:

  • Free school
  • Opportunities for higher education
  • Free medical care
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Going the extra mile for our customers

From Toronto to Johannesburg, Darjeeling to Colombo to Bangkok, the search for tea is a complicated one. Since we buy only the top 10% of luxury production, everything from fluctuations in wind and rain to climate change can affect the subtleties of each season’s crop.

Factor in ever-changing international regulations, natural and man-made disasters and the search gets even more interesting. Knowing where to look and which suppliers you can depend on is key. Experience counts.

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