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Canterbury Coffee

Starting our journey in 1981, Canterbury Coffee has worked to grow, adapt, and innovate. That drive to keep improving is what has made us one of Canada’s leading coffee roasters. Offering some of the finest coffees, equipment, and customer service in the industry, we have built a reputation for excellence.

We trust our certified Arabica Q Graders to make sure each bag of coffee leaving our roastery meets our high standards of quality and taste.

We utilize a variety of roasting techniques and equipment to unlock the distinct aromas and flavours of our high-quality, high-grown coffee beans.

Coffees like our Canterbury Signature Blues Blend are roasted in a perforated drum roaster. Perforated drum roasters allow the green coffee beans to be in almost direct contact with the burner’s flame, which is why it is called the direct-fired style of roaster. They create a robust style of roast that allows the characteristics of the coffee bean to shine without imparting a specific taste on the finished product.

Solid drum roasters, like the Probat roaster, are used to roast coffees like our Canterbury Signature Sumatra Mandheling. They apply indirect heat to the coffee beans using a burner located outside of the roasting drum. This method creates a dramatically different airflow inside the roasting drum and gives the roasted coffee a smoky taste.

We care about improving and preserving a healthy farming community which is why we try to incorporate sustainable, ethical and environmentally-responsible practices wherever possible. We are proud to have received fair trade, organic, Halal, kosher and SQF certifications for both of our roasting facilities.

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