Wusthof 5pc Classic Cook's Knife Set

Wusthof 5pc Classic Cook's Knife Set

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With this Wüsthof 5-piece knife set  you immediately own all knives you need to carry out any task in the  kitchen. A large chef's knife for the demanding tasks, a carving knife  to cut meat without tearing it, a bread knife to cut all sorts of bread  and hard vegetables, a paring knife for all small tasks, and a honing  steel to make sure your knives stay nice and sharp. This set does not  contain a knife block!

In this set: 

  • Wusthof Honing Steel, 9"
  • Wusthof Classic Chef's Knife, 20cm
  • Wusthof Classic Carving Knife, 23cm
  • Wusthof Classic Bread Knife, 20cm
  • Wusthof Classic Paring Knife, 10cm

Wüsthof Classic blade: razor-sharp stainless steel

The blade made from chromium-vanadium steel (X50CrMoV15) is forged  from one solid piece of steel. It is sharpened according to Wüsthof’s  PEtec technology. This means that for each blade a sharpening angle is  determined with the help of a computer. Afterwards it is precisely  sharpened on a wet sharpening stone. After thorough inspection each  knife leaves the production line, ready for a life of intensive use. Wüsthof processes the steel in a specific way to make sure it has a  high hardness of 58 Rockwell. As such the knife retains its sharpness  for a really long time. However, if you notice that the knife is not as  sharp as it used to be, all you have to do is move it over a honing  steel. The result is a razor-sharp knife that is amazing to use. 

Wüsthof Classic handle: sustainable and hygienic

This knife is a combination of a forged blade and an ergonomic handle  made from black POM, a very sustainable type of plastic. The handle can  withstand all substances you find in the kitchen. The handle was  traditionally and seamlessly riveted to the blade with three rivets. As  such dirt can never accumulate in between the blade and the handle. The  crop protects your fingers from unnecessary contact with the edge. What  more could you possibly ask for?ASSIC knives feature a new handle design  made of a highly durable synthetic material – Polyoxymethylene (POM) –  which has a tighter molecular structure to resist fading and  discoloration.