Ulster Weavers Pot Mat / Holder, Cotswold

Ulster Weavers Pot Mat / Holder, Cotswold

Ulster Weavers

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Inspired by design from the arts and crafts movement. This design features fictional firebirds printed in a block print style. Look closer  to see the pattern is made up of swirling flowers and leaves.  Material :  Dimensions : 0.8 x 21 x 21 cms

When Ulster Weavers was founded in  1880, our objective was to be the provider of the highest quality linens  produced in Ireland. Ulster Weavers quickly became synonymous with  Irish linen production and expanded throughout the late 19th and early  20th century with factories in Armagh, Antrim and Down. The flax fiber was harvested from the fields and bound before being sent to the factory  where it was spun and weaved to make the cloth. Find what you are looking for in aprons, tea towels, gauntlets, pot mitts, bags of all sizes, and kids items too.

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