Saffron Blister Pack, 0.5 g Triselecta

Saffron Blister Pack, 0.5 g Triselecta

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Saffron, the world’s most  expensive spice. Tens of thousand of strands are needed for one ounce of  saffron. Fortunately, a very little goes a long way. La Mancha Saffron  is a symbol of Spanish quality with gorgeous golden-yellow colour with  distinct, slightly bitter, flavour and aroma. Flavourful in dishes like  Spanish Paella, French Bouillabaisse and Italian Risotto Milanese. Used  in Indian Biryani and in Persian rice dishes. Saffron can be added to  mayonnaise for grilled shellfish such as shrimp or squid. 

Origin:  Spain 

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