Paris U'Select Electric Salt Mill, Natural 13.5"/34cm


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Showcasing Peugeot's expertise and instantly recognisable with its  iconic shape, the Paris mill is now available as an electric mill. The  Paris electric salt mill has the look and substance of a manual mill,  but conceals a latest generation rechargeable electric motor beneath its  curved wooden body.

The Paris mill looks every inch like a manual mill, but is now available  as an electric version. The Paris salt mill is Peugeot's first solid  wood electric mill. Behind its sleek and generous beech silhouette lies a  motor powered by latest generation rechargeable batteries boasting a  far longer life span than ordinary batteries. Say goodbye to the risk of  the battery running out when the mill is not being used. The Paris salt  mill also comes with a steel mechanism featuring a lifetime warranty  and incorporates Peugeot's patented u'Select functionality, which easily  allows you to select the required salt grinding size. A new generation  traditional mill!