Paris U'Select Electric Peppermill, Natural 13.5"/34cm


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The Rechargeable Electric Pepper Mill in the Paris collection is  surprisingly effective. The silhouette of Peugeot's most iconic wood  mill conceals a powerful, silent motor. All it takes is a single hand to  season your dishes to your heart's content.

This iconic pepper mill in the Peugeot range needs no introduction! Even  so, this new version of the Paris mill is still full of surprises!  Behind the familiar beech silhouette lies a latest generation  innovation. An electric version of the brand's flagship model is now  available! This mill runs on rechargeable Lithium Ion batteries and  combines the movement of a manual mill with all the practicality of an  electric motor, showcasing the ingenuity upon which Peugeot has forged  its reputation. In a single, effortless motion, you can season your  culinary preparations with your favourite pepper. Its high performance  steel mechanism comes with a lifetime warranty. Whether in the kitchen  or on the table, this sleek, practical mill will soon become your  favourite companion.

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