NorPro Silicone & Glass Cheeecake Pan, 9"

NorPro Silicone & Glass Cheeecake Pan, 9"

Ventures International/Norpro

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Removable silicone sides with a tempered  glass base makes it easy to bake and serve on the same attractive  platter. Perfect for making all kinds of sweet, delicate desserts and  savory dishes including: Cheesecake, coffee cake, flawless chocolate  cake, crown jewel jello pie, fruits tarts, quiche, cheese pies, deep  dish stuffed pizza, pies, tortes and casseroles.    Silicone and tempered glass are heat resistant to 400â—¦F/200â—¦C and  ensures consistent temperatures while baking your dish. Silicone ring  provides a no-drip seal and easily removable, non-stick separation.    Silicone will not retain odours or stains. Recipes included. Full colour  box. 

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