Microplane V Blade Adjustable Slicer

Microplane V Blade Adjustable Slicer

Microplane (Grace)

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 The Microplane V-blade  Food Slicer is a mandoline-style slicer that features microplane's sharp  stainless steel blade that can slice through a variety of vegetables  and fruits with ease. This versatile slicer also features a reversible  deck for julienne-style cut vegetables. Use for homemade chips, burgers  and sandwiches, fruit infused water, canning and pickling. Use the  julienne feature for coleslaws, stir-fry, homemade hashbrowns and  perfect toppings! 

  • The Infinity soft-touch dial adjusts thickness for slicing 
  • Soft-touch ergonomic handle
  • Reversible deck that can do julienne slices which produces matchstick-like cuts
  • Nonslip  feet add stability when slicing on a flat surface or position the bowl  hooks on the base of the unit over the rim of any bowl for better  control
  • Includes a hand guard to keep your fingers safe when slicing!
  • Hand wash recommended