Ken Hom Wok, Non-Stick Carbon Steel 12"

Ken Hom Wok, Non-Stick Carbon Steel 12"


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This wok makes stir-frying quick and easy. with an ideal capacity for cooking up a tasty meal for 3 - 4 people.  

Easy to Use To start cooking, place the wok centrally  on your hob ring and heat up gently with cooking oil. Once the oil is  smoking hot add your chosen ingredients and start cooking. The non-stick  coating means you don't need to turn the hob up to full heat. As long  as you keep stirring and the food is sizzling it will cook quickly and  evenly. Lightweight and featuring a flat bottom  ensures it is easy to use and fits perfectly on all hob types including  induction. The superior non-stick coating ensures the wok heats up  faster and needs less oil making it a perfect piece of kitchen equipment  for everyday use. Stir-fry cooking is all about being quick, easy and  healthy and this wok has been designed to assist with achieving that. 

Exceptional Quality Made from 1.5mm gauge (thickness) carbon steel it offers great heat  conduction making it ideal for high heat, high speed cooking whilst  ensuring the temperature remains consistent throughout. The non-stick  coating is suitable for use with metal utensils.  The long phenolic handle ensures it is easy to carry and  perfectly balanced so won't topple over. It is secured tightly to the  wok with two rivets so you can be assured it won't become loose and  wobbly over time. 

Easy to Maintain Occasionally apply a thin coating of cooking oil to the inner surface  of the wok to prevent rusting should the coating become scratched. The  non-stick coating also means it is easy to clean by hand with hot water.  Mild detergent can be used if desired. Any stubborn food can be left to  soak for a few minutes. Avoid using any harsh scouring products as this  may damage the non-stick coating. Thoroughly dry with a clean soft  cloth. 

Easy to Store The large metal loop on the end allows for easy storage as you can simply hang up your wok when not in use.  

  • A  lightweight carbon steel wok finished with a three layer non-stick  coating designed for stir-frying at high temperatures and with less oil.  Coated inside and out to provide a robust sealed coating for  long-lasting endurance.
  • The flat  base ensures the wok is well-balanced so doesn't topple over when sat on  the hob. It is also suitable for cooking on all hob types including  gas, electric, ceramic and induction.
  • Made  from 1.5mm gauge carbon steel which offers great heat conduction making  it ideal for high heat, high speed cooking - essential elements for  stir-frying.
  • Dishwasher safe  although it is advisable to remove it once the cycle is finished and dry  it by hand using a clean, soft cloth. If washing by hand, do not use  scouring powder, abrasives or metal scourers as they may damage the  non-stick coating. Thoroughly dry with a clean cloth.
  • Dishwasher Safe