Inknu Insulated Lunch Bag, Blue

Inknu Insulated Lunch Bag, Blue

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Having a good reliable lunch bag brings you one step closer to meeting your goals!   By using a standard lunch bag you'll ensure your food stays fresh when going about your busy day. FEATURES Insulated interior for keeping food fresh  Storage pocket for condiments, napkins, utensils Double stitched for extra durability Leakproof Premium ofxord polyester

  • PREMIUM PRODUCT – Each lunch box is made  using high density oxford polyester cloth, and nontoxic aluminum foil,  the perfect combination to pack your food and other lunch containers to  bring on the go. Extra strong zipper to help prevent leaks and keep  everything in place when full. Collapses completely flat when empty. 
  • STANDARD SIZING – Our most popular lunch  bag size which fits 1 lunch box, along with multiple fruits, snacks,  smaller containers, a thermos, or another lunch box. Heavy duty without  being bulky, with a comfortable handle for easy transportation. 
  • FRONT STORAGE POCKET – For convenience we  included a storage pocket across the front of the lunch bag perfect for  keeping your utensils, napkins, condiments, and even electronics secure. 
  • MULTI PURPOSE MEAL COOLER BAG – Whether  you’re off to school, work, the gym or the beach, when following a meal  prep plan or taking your macros seriously it’s important to have the  tools needed to ensure you’re eating what your body needs when your body  needs it, which is why having a high quality lunch bag on hand gives  you one less thing to worry about. 
  • DURABLE DESIGN – To put it simply, this  bag was designed to last. We know a lunch bag is often thrown into the  fridge, back of your car, or even into the bottom of a backpack, which  is why we made sure our bag looks good enough to carry on it’s own, but  if you do end up crushing it between books it will hold its shape and be  ready to use again the next day!