Hutzler QuickWhip, Manual Whipped Cream Maker

Hutzler QuickWhip, Manual Whipped Cream Maker

David Shaw Tableware

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Make delicious fresh whipped cream in seconds and then decorate from the same unit! Just pour in a pint of heavy whipping cream, add some flavoring if you like, pump the handle for 60 seconds, screw on one of the included decorating nozzles, and serve. No chargers are needed, saving money and storage space. Best of all, you get fluffy whipped cream made with all fresh ingredients! The Quick Whip® is also wonderful for frothing milk for coffee drinks.The Quick Whip includes 5 decorating nozzles for elegant presentation or for filling pastries.The canister doubles as a storage container, in the unlikely chance that there are any leftovers!The Quick Whip is BPA-free and dishwasher safe.

Colors:Assorted Purple and Green

Material:SAN, polypropylene, ABS, stainless steel, silicone. BPA-free.

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