Highland Tasting & Nosing Scotch Glass, 194ml

Inter-Continental Mercantile

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 The Highland whisky glass is a bulbous shape glass on a short stem.  Specifically intended for nosing, the size is also just right for  focusing everything the Whiskey has to offer on the palate. This scotch  glass perfectly presents the fine complexities and nuances of any  spirits. Through the bulbous shape of the glass goblet, the whisky is  given the opportunity for the desired air exchange over a large surface  area. The solid design of this nosing whisky glass corresponds in its  feel to the solid taste experience of the expressive spirit.    

  • Short Stem is designed to be easy on the hand and to keep the hand  off the bowl so that it doesn’t change the temperature of the drink 
  • Dishwasher safe 
  • Made in Germany 

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