Hamro Felt Ornament, Tree Swallows

Hamro Felt Ornament, Tree Swallows

Hamro Village Inc

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This handsome aerialists with deep-blue backs and clean white  fronts is sculpted by needle felting. It is made of 100% sheep's wool  and could grace any home through the holiday season or any season. Tree  Shallows, are a familiar sight in summer place and wetlands across North  America. They make great addition to many homeowner's yard and would  make a great gift for a backyard bird lover. size: 6" long
composition: 100% felted wool, a renewable material. 
care: spot-clean with damp sponge and soap, or with a textile stain remover. 
Do not machine wash. Do not iron. Do not bleach For decoration only and not intended to be used as a toy.

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