GEFU OPTICO Timer, Easy Read Magnetic

GEFU OPTICO Timer, Easy Read Magnetic

David Shaw Tableware

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This convenient timer with a duration from 0 to 60 minutes can be  wind up precisely to the minute. The heavily red marked display shows  the remaining runtime. The magnet on the back of the timer allows easy  attaching to magnetic surfaces. This is how you can always keep your  timer within eyeshot.

  • Duration: 0 – 60 min.
  • Precision movement
  • Easibly readable because of visible runtime
  • Powerful magnet on the back side
  • Wind up clock mechanism
  • No batteries
  • Ø 6,0 cm, H 3,6 cm
  • plastic / high-grade stainless steel

Timer OPTICO, small - Ø 61 mm

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