Fox Run Cat Measuring Spoons, Set of 4

Fox Run Cat Measuring Spoons, Set of 4

Fox Run Brands

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  •  Unique design: as cute as a cat these measuring spoons will give your  kitchen that cuteness overload mood. with adorable feline details that  will surely provide more life to your countertop.  
  • Precise measurements: ensure you get the Exact amount you need for your  baking and cooking ingredients with the use of these adorable measuring  cups providing precise and accurate cup measurements. with a reliable  set of measuring spoons at your disposal, you will be able to follow  strict recipes without committing any Mistakes.If you want to get  yourself a decent measuring Spoon set, better have this  
  • Functional: whether you cook every meal or only cook once a week at  home, your kitchen arsenal needs a set of quality measuring spoons that  will last. This cat shaped ceramic measuring Spoon set is sturdy and  attractive enough to match your kitchen decor, and affordable enough to  match your budget.  
  • Quality material: crafted in ceramic with adorable feline detail finish  that you can also use a decoration or display when not in use.  Dishwasher safe.  
  • Includes: 1 set of cat shaped ceramic measuring spoons - white and gray  with (4) different Spoon measurements which are: (1) tablespoon, (1)  teaspoon, (1) 1/2 teaspoon and (1) 1/4 teaspoon  

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