Firefly Solar Lantern, Frosted White

Firefly Solar Lantern, Frosted White

Evergreen Enterprises

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Firefly lanterns can be used anywhere, from outdoor parties and  cookouts, to camping trips, to bike rides, or even as an emergency light  source. You can also use them as solar path lights. Each lantern  weights only about 7 ounces! These portable, versatile and durable solar  lanterns are the easy alternative for so many moments in which we need a  source of light. They’re perfect for year round entertaining as well!

The  lanterns are charged naturally by solar power using the panel on top.  It can also be charged on the go using the included USB cord that  attaches to the top of the lantern, and plugs directly into any USB  power source, from your computer to your car to a wall adapter in your  house.

Using LED lights that are built into the lid, the lantern offers 4  different lighting settings to give it flexibility to add just the right  amount of light to any outdoor setting or event. The low setting gives  25 lumens for up to 8 hours per charge, the medium setting gives 50  lumens for up to 4 hours, and the high setting gives 100 lumens for up  to 2 hours.  There's also a flashing setting to add some special charm  by mimicking the look of fireflies in the garden. We offer 2 different  shapes: a 5" H bulb shape  in either white or green, and a 6.75" H cylinder shape in either white  or blue We think they look best when using multiple lanterns together!

These  lanterns are also incredibly durable. The outer bulb is made of soft,  flexible silicone, which can't be broken, and the top is made of  impact-resistant plastic. You can even collapse the lantern down so it  can be easily stored in smaller spaces, like backpacks or car glove  boxes. They're even waterproof!