Escali Extra Loud Digital Timer, Black

Escali Extra Loud Digital Timer, Black

Escali Digital Scales

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 Built for Busy Environments
The  Escali DR7 Extra Loud Digital Timer will help you keep track of events  in loud environments and features a silent mode with a visual alarm for  use in quiet situations. The timer can count up or down to a maximum of  99 hours, 59 minutes and 59 seconds and the overtime counter will help  you keep track of how long the timer has been expired.

Extra Loud Alarm
The 110 decibel alarm and flashing light will easily alert you when a timer has expired.

Silent Mode
Switch the extra-loud alarm to mute and use the flashing light to alert you to an expired timer.

Overtime Counter
The timer counts up after an alarm has expired until you press the ‘Start/Stop’ button.

Timer & Stopwatch Functions
Count up or down to a maximum of 99 hours : 59 minutes : 59 seconds.

Recall Last Timer Setting
Recall the last timer setting automatically at the touch of a button when performing repetitive tasks.

Clock Mode
Keep track of the time with 12 and 24 hour clock modes.

How to Edit Clock Mode
Press  'MODE' to enter clock mode. Then, press and hold the ‘MODE’ button  until the time starts flashing. Use ‘H, M, S’ buttons to edit the time,  and press ‘MODE’ to save the changes. To switch between 12 and 24-hour  clock modes press the ‘H, M or S’ buttons while in clock mode.

Place it Where You Need It
Use  the magnetic back to hang the display on a nearby refrigerator, place  it on a countertop using the built-in kickstand, or hang it from the  wall with the retractable tab.    Timer Range
99 hr : 59 min : 59 sec

1 sec

3.25 x 2.63 x 0.83 in

Two AAA (included)       

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