Emile Henry Gratin Bowl, Provence

Emile Henry Gratin Bowl, Provence

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The Emile Henry ‘Gratin’ Bowls offer a colorful alternative to make and serve traditional oven-baked recipes.  Onion soup, chili con carne or mac’n cheese—served in the Gratin Bowl, the delicious golden crust aka ‘gratin’, is all yours to enjoy!

Made  from Emile Henry High Resistance ceramic, the bowl goes from the  freezer to the oven, allowing last minute cooking. Individual portions  offer flexibility to fit most lifestyles. Versatile, the ‘Gratin’ Bowls  are pleasant and easy to handle—even for drinking hot soup out of them. 

Elegant and contemporary looking, with smooth curves and side handles, the Emile Henry ‘Gratin’ Bowls go directly from the oven to the table. Their  vivid colored glaze will enhance all recipes! Dishwasher safe, they are  easy to wash and stack perfectly for compact storage. 

  • Length / Diameter - cm 16.7 cm
  • Width - cm 14 cm
  • Height - cm 8 cm
  • Inner length / Diameter - cm 12.8 cm
  • Inner height - cm 7 cm
  • Capacity - liter 0,55 L

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