Ellipse Lunch Pot, Nordic Denim 700ml


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Ellipse lunch pot from Mepal is one handy product which can be used to  carry a snack or lunch, but is divided up into two compartments so that  the different ingredients can stay separated. For example yoghurt and  muesli or fruit can be placed in a separate container, but the lid of  the yoghurt container is not the bottom of the muesli container. The two  compartments can be separated with a simple twist, so that the  ingredients can be mixed together. A clever solution for avoiding a mess  when mixing the different ingredients. It has never been this easy!  Both containers have separate lids which will keep them nice and clean.  Another smart feature is that the lids fit on both containers, so you  never have to search for the right lid in the morning. The capacity of  the transparent top container is 200 ml, which means that it can fit  about 75 grams of muesli. The capacity of the bottom container is 500  ml, enough to fit a large portion of soup, noodles or yoghurt. The lunch  pot is made of durable material and can be used in the freezer, the  microwave (with the lid removed) and the dishwasher. The top transparent  container cannot be used in the microwave. • Dishwasher safe • Freezer safe • Microwave safe • Suitable for contact with food • 0% BPA • Made in Holland
Size/Capacity: Dimensions: 10.7x15cm/4x6"  Capacity: 500+200 ml | 17+6.7 oz.

Material: pp | pctg
Country of Origin: Netherlands
Awards: iF product design award

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