David's SuperOrange Latte Blend, 90g

David's SuperOrange Latte Blend, 90g

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Beautiful golden hued, earthy  sweet pumpkin perfectly spiced in this frothy, antioxidant rich latte  blend. Simply heat one cup of milk (use your favourite dairy or  non-dairy variety), mix in one teaspoon of David’s Super Orange Latte  Blend, and continue stirring until combined. Top it off with foam and a  sweetener if you prefer, and you have a warm, vegan, caffeine free  pumpkin pie tasting latte loaded with flavourful nutrients.

Origin:  Canada 


Turmeric, pumpkin powder  (pumpkin, silicon dioxide), inulin powder, cardamom, ginger, cinnamon,  nutmeg, cloves, ashwagandha root, sea salt, maca powder.  

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