David's SuperGreen Latte Blend, 90g

David's SuperGreen Latte Blend, 90g

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Craving a Matcha latte? Get the creamy smooth, delicious, slightly  sweet, vegetal flavour at home with David’s Super Green Blend. Simply  heat one cup of milk (use your favourite dairy or non-dairy variety),  mix in one teaspoon of David’s Super Green Latte Blend, and continue  stirring until combined. Top it off with foam and a sweetener if you  prefer, and you have a striking vegan, caffeine free beverage packed  with vitamin A, vitamin C, and Iron.


Matcha powder, inulin  powder, peppermint, kale powder, moringa powder, avocado powder,  spirulina powder, alfalfa powder, ashwagandha root, sea salt, maca  powder.  

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