Classic Wool Duvet - Regular Weight, Queen

Classic Wool Duvet - Regular Weight, Queen

SnugSleep (Donan Marketing Corp)

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At SnugSleep we specially select hi-bulk premium British wool to  ensure our duvets have maximum loft and insulation. Our specialized  carding and manufacturing processes further enhance this natural wool  loft for optimum insulation and comfort. However a great wool is only  half the job. The material that is chosen to cover it is equally  important. We choose a soft, drapable percale cotton that allows maximum  breathability. We do not use downproof cotton or cotton with too high a  thread count as these materials greatly reduce wool’s unique moisture  controlling benefits.  Our minimal quilting stitch pattern allows the  wool fill to regain maximum loft. 

Classic Wool Duvet

Our original and best value duvet is available in three weights:  

  • Summerweight – perfect for warmer weather or year round in an apartment or condo
  • Regular Weight – for many sleepers just perfect all year
  • Deluxe Weight – cooler homes, or sleepers who feel the cold easily

Our summerweight duvets have 20% less wool than the regular weight,  and the deluxe duvets have 20% more wool than the regular weight.

Duvet Sizes:

  • Queen 89″ x 90″