Bamboo Cup 500ml, Cactus

Bamboo Cup 500ml, Cactus

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Every  year we throw away more than 100 billion disposable cups made from  synthetic polymers (plastic). Over the last century and half polymers  represented »material of the future« and this discovery was  revolutionary. For the first time human manufacturing was not  constrained by the limits of nature. Today, plastic represents one of  the biggest environmental issues. Just think! The average lifespan of a  single-use plastic cup is less than 30 minutes, but this cup will  degrade for more than 450 years. WoodWay Bamboo Cup is a smart decision for a better tomorrow! This cup is a reusable multi-use cup, from which you can drink your favourite drink for years.  BAMBOO: Bamboos are a group of woody perennial evergreen plants  in the true grass family Poaceae. Bamboo is the fastest growng plant in  the world and can grow up to 60 cm per day. For its growth, bamboo  doesn't require the use of pesticides and other chemicals, what makes it  one of the most useful & sustainable crops on the planet. The  production process is environmentally friendy, as the less energy is  consumed in comparasion with plastic. This reduces the C02 footprint.  Bamboo wood is extremely sturdy but at the same time light &  versatile. Bamboo represents longevity, wisdom & health.  CARE&CLEANING: WoodWay Bamboo Cup is dishwasher safe. We recommend to remove the silicone sleeve & wash it by hand. 

  • made from bamboo fibres
  • no flavour-taint
  • 500ml
  • for cold & hot drinks
  • reusable
  • dishwasher safe