AeroPress Coffee & Espresso Maker Set, 5pc + Filters

B.Y. Group Ltd. (Aeropress)

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The AeroPress is ideal for any coffee lover looking for a  rich and smooth cup of coffee without acidity or bitterness. Brews one  to three delicious cups of American or espresso style coffee in about a  minute, and clean up takes only a few seconds. It’s a great addition to  any kitchen but since it is durable, lightweight, and compact, the  AeroPress also makes the perfect companion when traveling, camping, or  just going to work. Aeropress is a registered trademark of AeroPress,  Inc., Palo Alto, California, USA. Features:

  • Using the ideal water temperature and gentle air pressure brewing yields rich flavor with lower acidity and without bitterness.
  • Total immersion brewing results in uniform extraction of the  ultimate in full coffee flavor. Other coffee makers drip hot water on  bed of grounds, over extracting at the center and under extracting at  the edge.
  • Micro filtered for grit free coffee – unlike other press-type coffee makers.
  • One minute from start to enjoy. The actual press time takes only 20 seconds
  • Water and grounds are mixed together for ten seconds.
  • Then gentle air pressure pushes the mix through a micro-filter in 20 seconds
  • The total brewing time of only 30 seconds results in exceptionally smooth flavor.
  • Tasters ranging from professional cuppers and author Kenneth Davids, to coffee aficionados all praise the smooth, rich flavor.

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