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For many people, the aroma of freshly brewed coffee means wellness for   their senses. The only annoyances: when the filter papers have run out,   or if the filter doesn’t fit with the cup. A solution is now available,   however: with the MR. BREW coffee maker from AdHoc, it is possible to   make freshly brewed coffee without any additional filter paper or   annoying inconveniences. Simply put the freshly ground coffee in the   double-walled stainless steel filter, place the filter in the correct   position using the magnetic, infinitely adjustable height adjustment,   position your favourite cup or a coffee pot (height 18 cm) underneath   it, and pour the hot water over the coffee powder. With the first whiff   of the aroma of coffee, the coffee lover’s anticipation for the freshly   brewed coffee increases. The filter is made from double-walled,   flavour-neutral stainless steel, and features fine micro-pores which   allow the full flavour of the coffee through, but capture the coffee   grounds. The size of the filter is sufficient for up to three cups of   coffee. After brewing, the filter can be easily removed from the holder   using its handle. The coffee grounds can then be disposed of, and it  can  be cleaned in hot water or in the dishwasher. The coffee maker is  made  from high quality stainless steel, looks great in the kitchen, and  is  always ready for use.

  • Adjustable filter height to fit container sizes up to 18 cm thanks to magnetic holder  
  • Aromatic brewing of freshly ground coffee  
  • Double-layered, stainless steel permanent fine filter leaves no taste of metal  
  • Fine micro-pores that enable a full flavour experience

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