50g Kenya Nandi Safari White Tea

50g Kenya Nandi Safari White Tea

Metropolitan Tea Company

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Stunning white tea. The  exotic perfumy tea flavor that makes Kenyan teas famous are everywhere!  Naturally dried white tea for naturally exquisite flavour a... MORE

Luxury Ingredients: White tea.

Small Batch Blended and Packed in: Canada

Tea(s) From: Kenya

Region(s): Nandi Highlands

Antioxidant Level: High  

Caffeine Content: Low 

In 1909, Theodore Roosevelt, not one to take retirement lightly,  headed to Africa in the company of his son Kermit to embark on what  would become one of the most storied Safaris ever recorded. The  Roosevelts landed in Mombasa, Kenya?s most important port, and secured  the services of 250 porters, guides, cooks, biologists and hunters and  began to trek steadily inland across what was then British East Africa,  into the Belgian Congo, back to the Nile and ending in Khartoum. One of  their big stops along the way was a stint in the Nandi Hills to collect  wildlife specimens. Unfortunately, in these pre-environmentally aware  times, collecting specimens meant hunting them. Still, the number of  animals taken down by the Roosevelts helps illustrate just how wild  those hills were. Between the two of them, Teddy and Kermit bagged 1100  specimens, 500 of them being considered "big game", rhinos, lions, etc. -  an incredible tally. Roosevelt proclaimed this "the most noteworthy  collection of big animals that has ever come out of Africa!"

More  than a century after this famous expedition, thanks to strict wildlife  protection laws, the Nandi hills still teem with animals of all sizes  and varieties. In general the only shooting taking place now is through  the telephoto lens of tourists, eyes wide as they witness scenes  normally relegated to National Geographic - lions taking down zebras,  elephants giving one another impromptu showers, miraculous flocks of  birds painting the sky and the like.
Situated within this colorful  corner of the world is one of Kenya?s most famous tea Estates, Tinderet.  Tinderet, owing to its incredible lush surroundings and local dairy  industry of the Nandi people, is often referred to as the land of milk  and honey. It is on Tinderet that Nandi Safari tea is grown on bushes  first planted in the mid 1950s. From early on, the estate quickly began  winning awards for its product at local agricultural fairs. To this day,  these wonderful bushes produce some of the finest teas Kenya, and  indeed Africa, has to offer. On the nose the infusion is light, fresh  and almost winy. The cup is likewise exceptionally fresh, laden with  flavory floral-like notes. Brew a pot and imagine yourself relaxing on  the verandah of a hill station after a day spent witnessing the  bewildering feast of color that is the Nandi hills - a spectacular tea.

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