24K Himalayan Pink Salt Coarse, 1kg Bag

24K Himalayan Pink Salt Coarse, 1kg Bag

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Sea salt just got even  better and prettier in Himalayan Pink Salt. Himalayan salt is said to be  the purest form of sea salt. 100% natural. And, the varying hues of  pink indicates the salt's rich mineral and energy-rich iron content.  Himalayan Pink Salt is a coarse salt with a pleasant crunch. It has good  pure salt flavour, free of the harshness or bitterness found in salts  with additives. Himalayan Pink Salt is striking on the table in a  saltcellar or grinder. It makes an excellent finishing salt for grilled  steak, in salads or on chocolates. Size: 1-3 mm approx.

Origin:  Pakistan 

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