100g Pear Flavoured Black Tea

100g Pear Flavoured Black Tea

Metropolitan Tea Company

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Very fruity character inspiring memories of juicy, ripe pears. An elegant summer beverage.

Luxury Ingredients: Black tea, Blackberry leaves, Pear pieces, Natural flavors(organic compliant)

Small Batch Blended and Packed in: Canada

Tea(s) From: Sri Lanka / Kenya / India / China / France

Region(s): Nuwara Eliya + Dimbula + Uva / Nandi Highlands / Nilgiri / Shandong / Provence

Antioxidant Level: High  

Caffeine Content: Medium 

The next time you are grocery shopping, stop by the pears, hold  one aloft and proclaim, "The noble Pear!  Gift of the gods!"  When  security arrives, explain the following:  It was Homer, the 8th century  Greek poet, not Bart's dad, who described the fruit as the gift of the  gods in his seminal work The Odyssey.  Wild pears grew throughout the  southern Mediterranean in those times and were considered an important  natural food source.  In fact, botanists in ancient Rome, interested in  developing varieties that could be cultivated throughout the Roman  Empire, (which ranged from scorching North Africa to chilly England)  grafted more than 50 pear varieties.  At this time pears were also being  cultivated widely in many parts of China but the ones we are most  familiar with in North America originated from the Romans.  The first of  these arrived in the New World with the British who brought seedlings  with them to the early colonies.  The most famous of these, and the most  commonly consumed pear to this day is the Bartlett pear, first planted  by Enoch Bartlett at his nursery in Dorchester Massachusetts. If the  grocery store security guards won't listen to your story, calm them down  by inviting them over for a cup of this tea.  The sweet and tart  subtleties of pear will definitely help soothe their nerves.  Then,  while you have them seated, start in on the history of tea!

What type of tea do we use, how do we flavor the tea and why do we use natural flavors?
Firstly...  we only use high grown teas from the top 3 tea growing regions of Sri  Lanka - Nuwara Eliya, Dimbula and Uva. These three high-grown districts  produce flavorful teas that have classic 'Ceylon' tea character which is  noted by floral bouquet and flavor notes, touches of mild astringency,   bright coppery color and, most importantly - perfect for use as the  base tea of our flavored teas.  (We have tested teas from various other  origins around the world as base stock for our flavored teas, but none  of these teas made the grade.) Dimbula and the western estates of Nuwara  Eliya have a major quality peak during Jan/Feb, whereas Uva and the  eastern estates of Nuwara Eliya have their peak in July/Aug. This 'dual  peak period' allow us to buy the best for our flavored tea blends  several times during the year, ensuring top quality and freshness.
Secondly...  we use flavoring oils not crystals to give the tea drinker an olfactory  holiday before indulging in a liquid tea treat.
Thirdly. we specify  natural flavors. High quality tea tastes good and natural flavors do  not mask the natural taste of the high grown Ceylon tea. (The norm for  many making flavored tea is to use overpowering artificial flavors,  which can be used to hide lower quality tea). Natural flavors do not  leave an aftertaste giving the tea a clean and true character. It should  be noted that natural flavors tend to be somewhat 'soft ' and the  flavors slightly muted, but for many this is a refreshing change and one  of the desired attributes of our naturally flavored teas.

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