50g Peach Apricot White Tea

50g Peach Apricot White Tea

Metropolitan Tea Company

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Simply superb! An  amazing combination. Has muscatel-like notes that are reminiscent of  premium 2nd flush Darjeelings with light fruit finish.

Luxury Ingredients: White tea, Natural flavors (organic compliant).

Small Batch Blended and Packed in: Canada

Tea(s) From: China

Region(s): Fujian Province

Antioxidant Level: High 

Caffeine Content: Low 

Ying and Yang. Each side of  the equation balances out the other.  The combination of Peach and  Apricot follows the same principal - well kind of anyway.  According to  Chinese folklore, peaches are a potent symbol of long life, conferring  longevity on all those who eat them.  This belief stems from ancient  legends that tell us the fruit was a favorite of the 8 Immortals, divine  beings who populated Chinese myth.  In the legends, one of the 8, Yu  Huang, also known as the Jade Emperor was married to a woman named Xi  Wangmu, Queen Mother of the West.  Xi Wangmu owned a tree that produced  peaches of immortality that she would serve to Yu Huang's immortal  companions during an annual feast known as Pantao Hui, or the Feast of  Peaches.

So, peaches stand for long life, the Yin of our  equation.   What then about our Yang, the apricot?  Well, according to  Chinese tradition, apricots are a symbol of cowardice. (Good thing they  taste so deliciously sweet!) One could argue that it takes courage to  live a long life, courage being the opposite of cowardice.  So then  cowardice is the opposite of courage.ok, maybe it's a bit of a stretch.  Whatever the case may be, the combination of peaches and apricots  together is heavenly.  The combination of peaches and apricots blended  with a top grade Pai Mu Tan tea from Fujian even more so.  Delicate  hints of citrus finish with faint lingering notes of honey layered over  the thick jammy character of this full-bodied tea.  Pour yourself a cup  and ponder the nature of a long life courageously lived!