100g Guava Comoros Flavoured Green Tea

100g Guava Comoros Flavoured Green Tea

Metropolitan Tea Company

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Spritely and alive. Delightful notes of citrus reminiscent of sweet pink grapefruit.

Luxury Ingredients: Green tea, Papaya pieces, Safflower petals, Natural flavors.

Small Batch Blended and Packed in: Canada

Tea(s) From: India / China / Thailand

Region(s): Nilgiri / Hunan Province + Yunnan / Petchabun

Antioxidant Level: High

Caffeine Content: Low

We've all heard of Big Foot and the Loch Ness Monster but how many of us are familiar with the ancient legend of Red Headband? Red Headband is the Yeti of the Indian Ocean, an evil spirit in the form of a giant man who inhabits the crater of Mount Karthala, an active volcano on an island in the Comoros Archipelago. Since time began, Comoros islanders have recorded stories of Red Headband, so named after the great red headband that holds back his wild hair. In these stories the giant sometimes appears as large as a house and descends from his lair to feast on flocks of herd animals, groups of wandering hunters, even innocent townsfolk. He is not a nice man - believe it. Luckily for the people of the Comoros islands, there is one item that has proven effective in warding him off - fresh guava. In some remote villages it is believed that if you leave the fresh fruit outside your house Red Headband will take it and leave your household unscathed. What attracts him to the fruit? Is it the sweet pungent aroma? Its creamy orangey-pink flesh? High vitamin count? (Guava is rich in vitamins A, B and C) Who knows? But when you're dealing with an evil giant you don't ask a lot of questions!  

Well, we like to think that a pot of Guava Comoros green tea might have the same effect. This mellow tea captures the sweet musky character of the fruit amazingly well. So what kind of tea did we use in its creation? We've sourced a top quality Sencha style green tea manufactured in Hunan Province, South Eastern China. The tea is produced by skipping the fermentation process required to produce black tea. Interestingly, both green and black teas can be produced from the same bushes. In green manufacture, the freshly plucked leaves are steamed immediately and then bruised either by machine or hand. Next the leaf is either pan-fried or basket fired - a process that gives the tea its distinctive glossy look and feel. Senchas typically have dark green, needle shaped leaves and produce a pale green to yellow, very bright and smooth cup with a sweetish, honey like finish. Blended with guava the cup is light, fruity with faint hints of cream. Do you have a Red Headband in your life? Brew a pot of this amazing tea and take a sip. We can't promise you your "problem" will go away, but we can promise that you'll feel a lot more relaxed about a whole lot of things.

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