100g Corsican Pear Spice Flavoured Rooibos Tea

100g Corsican Pear Spice Flavoured Rooibos Tea

Metropolitan Tea Company

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Expressive notes of orchard pear meld with sweet cinnamon and pear cobbler on the finish.

Luxury Ingredients: Rooibos,  Cinnamon, Apple pieces, Lily flower petals, Blackberry leaves, Safflower  petals, Pear pieces, Natural flavors (Organic Compliant).

Small Batch Blended and Packed in: Canada

Tea(s) From: South Africa / Thailand / Turkey / China / France

Region(s): Cederberg / Petchabun / Anatolya / Shandong + Fujian  Provence

Antioxidant Level: Low

Caffeine Content: None - Caffeine Free Herb 

It is probable that the ancient Romans introduced pears to the  island of Corsica thousands of years ago.  It is quite probable that  Napoleon Bonaparte ate those pears thousands of times over the course of  his life.  How does that logic work?  Before becoming emperor of  France, Napoleon's soul came in to this world at Ajaccio, the capital of  Corsica in 1769.  Now, while Napoleon probably ate the pears as most of  us do, raw, on their own, the Romans typically stewed pears with honey  and spice.  In fact, an ancient Roman cookbook attributed to Apicius, De  re coquinaria contains a recipe foe a spiced stewed pear patina, a type  of soufflé.  Who knows, the Bonaparte family chef may have served up  that very dish to the young,, soon-to-be dictator.

This fabulous  rooibos based blend of dried pear, apple, orange blossoms and cinnamon  was designed to transport your taste buds back a few hundred years to  the warm coast of Napoleon's birthplace.  If you've never been to  Corsica, the fourth largest island in the Mediterranean, brew a pot and  imagine the breeze blowing in off the sea, palm trees rustling in the  breeze and the warm sun down beating down.  Sounds rough eh?  Didn't  think so.  In fact, it sounds so relaxing you might wonder whatever  possessed Napoleon to leave the island in the first place.  Live and  learn.live and learn.

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