TeakHaus End Grain Butcher Block 20x15x1.5"

TeakHaus End Grain Butcher Block 20x15x1.5"

Ventures International/Norpro

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"The Dark Side of the Cutting Boards",  As in StarWars, a cutting board like this in your kitchen will embrace  curiosity, emotion, conflict, power instincts, and other hedonistic  vices. In short, you will become The Emperor of the Kitchen. Details: Rectangle, End Grain, Thick, Heavy Duty Cutting Board w/ Hand Grip 

Size: 20" x 15"x 1.5" in / 51 x 38 x 3.8  

Weight: 11 lb / 5 kg  

Material: Sustainable teakwood FSC® Certified Product   

What's more, the teak we use comes from sustainable  FSC-certified harvested plantations. Teak's natural high oil content  helps as a moisture-resistant. This beauty cutting board is not just  truly eco-friendly its hardwood grain will keep your knives sharp, at  the time it provides a smooth feeling while cutting or slicing. With  minimal care and a few drops of oil twice a month the board will keep in  perfect conditions for the years to come. 

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