GEFU Spiral Cutter, Spiraflix

GEFU Spiral Cutter, Spiraflix

David Shaw Tableware

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 Create appetizing spirals with the spiral slicer SPIRALFIX® for salads and soups in no time.  

  • Special blade steel for bestcutting results
  • 4 different widths of cut : 3 mm,6 mm, 12 mm and 50 mm
  • non-slip collecting container(400 ml) with aroma-retaininglid - an additional,
  • L 24,8 cm, W 14,8 cm, H 29,0 cm
  • plastic / high-grade stainless steel
  • dishwasher safe

The  apple peeler gets things moving in every kitchen. As many apples as you  like can be peeled, cored and cut into spirals in no time at all. Its  suction base holds on to any smooth surface. Just fix the apple, turn  the crank to the stop, and the cored and peeled apple spirals are ready  to be eaten. 

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