Serrated Blade Spear Point Knife, 3" Blue

Serrated Blade Spear Point Knife, 3" Blue

David Shaw Tableware

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GALINOX knife series proudly made in Germany from high quality German carbon infused stainless steel. Precision ground for maximum sharpness and edge retention. The ergonomicaly designed , contoured Toolswiss handle provides a comfortable sure grip and easy handling even when wet. Each blade is designed to enhance the functuality of each specific knife. Multipurpose serrated edge paring knife designed for garnishing, mincing, peeling, slicing and dicing. The 3" blade provides enhanced accuracy and precision; this paring knife is optimally built for jobs where control is essential. Perfect for more intricate jobs such as peeling fruits and vegetables, but also versatile enough for bigger jobs like dicing an onion or slicing mangos. Serrated edge allows you to easily slice through delicate, soft-skinned fruits and vegetables, such as tomatoes or kiwis, without squashing tender interiors

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