Ratchet Safety Lidlifter Can Opener, Red

Ratchet Safety Lidlifter Can Opener, Red

Nixon Agencies Alberta

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The revolutionary design makes opening cans clean, safe & fun. Lids are removed, leaving no mess or sharp edges. Safe, ergonomic and just plain cool.

  • No sharp edges.
  • Opens cans and pop tabs with little effort.
  • Ratchet handle is easier on hands.
  • Hygienic – opener never touches the contents of the can.

IMPORTANT NOTE: THE LIDLIFTER DOES NOT CUT THE CAN FROM THE TOP LIKE A TRADITIONAL CAN OPENER. ONCE YOU START TURNING THE KNOB, THE CUTTING WHEEL ENGAGES FROM THE SIDE AND CUTS INTO THE BEAD OF THE LID.Instructions for use:1. Slide handles apart. Place flat gear on top of the can, the large silver and black gear should rest on the side of the can. Arrow guide above mini pliers should line up with the rim of can. Close handles to attach. Rim of can should be held between the two gears. At this point, you should be able to lift the can with the can opener to know it’s attached.
2. Move ratchet handle back and forth and the opener will begin to cut. After a full circle, you will feel less resistance. Stop turning – can is open.  
3. To release, open handles. The can may not look open.  
4. Use mini-pliers on the side of the opener to remove the lid. Grip rim of the lid between pliers and lift lid cleanly and easily.
5. Ring-pull: Slip ”beak“ into loop; rock back & pull open to open pull tabs.Warning: Don't cut more than full circle. Over cutting may create burrs or slivers that could cause injury.For domestic use only. Not intended for commercial use.

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