Rainbow Scrubbie With Hook

Rainbow Scrubbie With Hook

Nawrocki Holdings

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The best scrubbie in the world - safe on almost all surfaces. Colours vary. This listing is for one scrubbie.

• Perfect for removing tough food deposits stuck to pots and pans
• Ideal for removing debris from kitchen and bathroom surfaces
• May be used to clean non-stick cookware
• Scours most surfaces without scratching
• Cleans with just soap and warm water

HOME & GARDEN Scrubs fresh root vegetables, outdoor planter pots, stakes, garden tools, BBQ racks and grills. 

KITCHEN & BATH Cleans  stainless steel pots and pans, ceramic stovetops, ovens, glassware,  cutlery, counter tops, bathtubs, shower tiles and faucets. 

VEHICLES Removes bugs, tar and debris from windshields, chromed bumpers and wheels.

PERSONAL Removes dirt and paint from hands and even removes callouses from feet!

SPORTS Cleans equipment including runners, golf and soccer shoes, golf balls and clubs. 

BARBECUE Removes baked on grease and other materials from grills, barbecue bases and cooking utensils.

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