Paris Bouquet Beer Glasses, Stemmed 17oz Set of 6


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 The Paris Bouquet beer glass is an invitation to share.

Designed and developed with the expertise of experienced winemakers and sommeliers, the Peugeot Paris Bouquet range allows you to make the most of the expression of wines, whilst highlighting their subtleties. Immediately identifiable by the ring of glass indicating the join between stem and bowl, the Paris Bouquet collection has required great technical skill in its manufacture. The Paris Bouquet beer glass, with its tulip-shaped bowl, enhances all beers. The slightly flared mouth holds the foam to make it last longer, whilst creating one of the most interesting aesthetics. The worked stem of the Paris Bouquet beer glass makes tasting easier: it allows the beer to be turned easily in the glass to develop the best aromas. The glass is made of lead-free crystal glass. For tasting pleasures, refreshing moments or for enjoying aperitifs shared with friends.