Microplane Ultimate Bar Tool, Black

Microplane Ultimate Bar Tool, Black

Microplane (Grace)

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Minimizing the number of accoutrements needed to make pro-style  cocktails and mocktails, the streamlined and extraordinarily efficient  Ultimate Bar Tool allows bartenders and party hosts to muddle, stir,  cut, score, strain, and create garnishing twists and peels from citrus  fruit with one easy and fun to use tool. Specially designed onto the  bottom end of the tool, and safely covered with a removable clear cap is  a sharp edge peeler blade to easily and smoothly create flavorful  strips of citrus peel for flaming garnishes or to add flavor to a  classic Manhattan, and other cocktails.The cleverly designed,  upper portion of the tool, which is durably constructed in stainless  steel, offers 6 built-in beverage-making features. The dual-purpose  clear protective cover is serrated at the tip to mash and blend  ingredients, such as fresh mint leaves, sugar and lime juice for  authentic mojitos. At the top end, a middle hole is purposely designed  to facilitate stirring to help combine ingredients, chill and dilute for  perfectly balanced drinks. Next to the stirrer is a small, sharp knife  blade to conveniently trim herbs, slice citrus fruit paper-thin, and  prep other ingredients. Below the knife blade, the Ultimate Bar Tool  includes a razor-sharp scorer to pierce through the tough skin of limes,  lemons and other citrus fruits before peeling. Below the knife blade  and scorer is an equally sharp channel knife (twist tool) to transform  citrus peel into elegant garnishing twists. A well-designed integrated  strainer that fits across both a standard size tumbler and a shaker, and  helps prevent muddled bits of fruit or ice from falling into serving  glasses, is located on the opposite side of the tool.

Product Details

  • Dimensions: 9" x 1 1/8"
  • Excellent tool for a mixologist has 7 functions
  • Muddler set with the protective cover in place
  • Stainless steel blade includes:
    • Hole at top to stir drinks
    • Strainer holes along flat edge
    • Partial paring knife to score and cut
    • Channel knife for medium twists
  • Peeler to make flaming orange twists is included on base of handle, under protective cover
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