Lychee Paradise / Litchi Paradis 500ml

Lychee Paradise / Litchi Paradis 500ml

Lampe Berger

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It all begins with a little bit of impertinence with green apple  stealing the show, reinforced with notes of watery fruits. Then a  bouquet of white flowers is revealed, harmoniously blending with rose.  Their lightness complements the delicate fragrance of lychee, a small,  mellow and juicy fruit whose wateriness is added to with a few marine  notes. Lastly, for even more luxuriance, the enveloping scents of  coconut tinted with peach.   

  • Head Notes: Melon, Lemon, Apple, Eucalyptus
  • Heart Notes: Grapefruit, White flowers, Rose, Lychee
  • Base Notes: Peach, Musk, Coconut

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