LWH Floral Embroidered Wool Shawl

LWH Floral Embroidered Wool Shawl

Local Women's Handicrafts Nepal

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Materials: 100% Wool Dimensions: 80 x 28 inches. 

This wool embroidered shawl is the definition of elegance. Locally  sourced sheep's wool is blended with radiant silk and cotton that’s  embroidered by hand in complex beautiful designs. The women in our  collective train for four to five years to learn this skill! The wool  and thread are all dyed by hand, and each piece is a uniquely crafted  masterpiece.

Each piece resembles the one pictured but has its own unique look. Product Care: Due to the fact that the products are handmade from ecological  materials we recommend that you wash the products with cold water and  allow them to dry flat. All our products are crafted with a love for  craft and tradition, which makes each thread truly unique. The products  may differ slightly from the products on the product images with regard  to color, size or pattern.