Le Creuset Bread Tin, 30x11.5cm

Le Creuset Bread Tin, 30x11.5cm

Le Creuset

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Le Creuset’s Metal Bakeware range offers the perfect shapes for all kinds of sweet and savoury baking. Each pan has a durable nonstick coating so food slides out or off with ease. Heat spreads gently and efficiently for even baking without burning. Wide rims with heat-resistant silicone for added grip make it easier and safer to transfer full pans to and from a hot oven. Heavy gauge carbon steel spreads heat evenly and effeciently for an even bake without burning.  Nonstick coating on both interior and exterior surfaces easily releases foods.  

Inspired by the long, slender shape of Scandinavian Rye Bread  traditionally used for making open sandwiches, the 30 x 11.5 cm Bread  Tin is perfect for baking a wide variety of breads and cakes. Also ideal  for making homemade pate, pies, terrines, meatloaf, sweet or savoury  mousses, jelly or chilled desserts.

  •  Size:   30x11.5cm
  • Height: 8cm
  • Material:   Heavy gauge carbon steel 
  • Heat Source: Oven 
  • Oven safe to 240°C / 464°F
  • Cleaning:   Hand Wash 
  • Country Of Origin:   China 
  • Warranty: Limited Lifetime Warranty