Hinza ECO Bag, Small 7.5L - Maroon

Hinza ECO Bag, Small 7.5L - Maroon


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The large version of the Hinza bag is a Swedish classic from 1957 that  was produced by the plastics and chemicals company Perstorp AB.  One of the bags manufactured by Perstorp AB in the 50s is on display at Plastens Hus in Perstorp, Sweden's only plastic museum.

Hinza bags are manufactured in Sweden, in Hillerstorp. The factory is  quality and environmentally certified under ISO-9001 and ISO-14001. Hinza bags are made from polyethylene plastic. The Green Plastic  version contains "green" polyethylene bio-plastic, where sugar cane is  used as a raw material instead of oil. 

Hinza Green plastic

The Hinza bags in the Green Plastic range are a climate-smart choice.  Most of the plastic in these bags are made of bio-plastic, a "green"  plastic made from sugar cane, which is renewable. When sugar cane is growing, it absorbs carbon dioxide from the  atomosphere. If green plastic from sugar cane is burned, the carbon  dioxide is released back into the atmosphere. As the amount of carbon  dioxide does not increase, as it does when burning regular  traditional plastic from fossil raw materials, there is no impact on the  climate. The sugar cane that is used to make the green plastic in our Green  Plastic shoppers is grown on Brazilian plantations located at least  2,500 km from the Amazon. Green plastic is recycled in the same way as traditional plastic. Differences between surfaces may occur.

Small Hinza bag Height with handle: 38.5 cm. Height without handle: 22 cm. Length: 32 cm. Width: 15 cm. Volume: 7.5 litres. Max weight: 10 kg.