Dublin Stainless Steel Double/Walled French Press, 1L/34oz

Dublin Stainless Steel Double/Walled French Press, 1L/34oz

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High-Quality All Stainless Steel French Press

The DUBLIN  stainless steel French press offers durability and style.  It is double  wall insulated and made from 18/8 stainless steel. Additionally, it’s  designed to keep your coffee hot for long periods of time. The press  exterior is a shiny mirror finish that is highly polished. Also, the  DUBLIN has a one-liter (1000 ml/ 34 fl. oz) capacity perfect for making  two to three large cups of coffee. 

Double Wall Insulated Carafe

The  DUBLIN stainless steel French press is double wall insulated to keep  your coffee hot for long periods of time compared. That is as compared  to a normal glass coffee press. What’s more, the press has a unique  spout that offers a consistent pour along with its comfortable handle.

Durable Design and Materials

Tired  of broken beakers? Then this stainless steel press is for you. Not only  does the stainless steel work to keep your coffee stay hot for longer,  but it will also last you a lifetime. That is why the DUBLIN press is  the ultimate camping coffee accessory. Its also is ideal for those who  have broken glass french presses while cleaning them. And lets face it,  that’s most of us!. This press is dishwasher safe; however, we  recommended hand washing to prolong the presses life. 

Stylish and Multi-Purpose Design

No  need to make cupboard space for this press. This stylish mirror finish  and chic design makes this press an ideal décor piece for any room. It  will it shine up any room with its high shine finish. And it can also be  used as a water or juice pitcher with the press intact. That’s because  you want, you can simply unscrew the plunger and voila- a modern  pitcher. 

Easy to use stainless steel french press:

The  Dublin is a very easy to use and durable french press. Also it keeps  your coffee warm and it will outlast your glass french presses with no  beakers to break or replace!

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