DeBuyer Force Blue Pancake Pan, 24cm Dia

DeBuyer Force Blue Pancake Pan, 24cm Dia

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   The French Crepe Pan offers the perfect cooking  surface for delicate crepes, caramelizing vegetables, and pan-searing  meat. Made in France from blue steel that’s easy to season and maintain,  it builds up a natural patina with use over time for a foolproof  non-stick quality with quick food release. Specially designed with a  contoured handle to assist in swirling crepe batter to form perfectly  thin, delicate crepes. Its shallow depth and flared sides allow delicate  foods to be flipped and plated effortless without them breaking apart,  from crepes to fluffy pancakes and fried eggs. It works equally well for  braising meat, poultry, and fish. A great addition to cooking tools for  easy, professional-style cooking in the home kitchen. 

  • Made from blue steel
  • Naturally nonstick when seasoned properly
  • Strong and resistant 2mm thick steel
  • Great for browning and perfectly cooked crepes and pancakes
  • Hand wash with hot water (no soap, only natural bar soap)

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