David's Koaka Classic Cereal Topper, 165g

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Just a shake of this  unique cereal topper will add rich chocolate flavour and boost  nutrition. Koako Classic Cereal Toppers has a rich dark chocolate  flavour from cocoa nibs and powder and is packed with protein and iron  from chia, hemp and buckwheat seeds. It's made using all-natural  ingredients and no artificial preservatives. Your kids will love shaking  it on their favourite cereal. Blend it into smoothies, sprinkle on  yogurt and fresh fruit, or add it to energy balls. Use it as a garnish  on ice cream or add it to homemade vanilla yogurt pops.

Origin:  Canada 

Ingredients: Chia, Buckwheat, Hemp seeds, Cacao Nibs, Cacao Powder, Cinnamon.