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Our  Blue Heather French linen duvet cover set is dyed a perfect shade of  denim adding color and elegance to your room. Our quality linen is  harvested in France and crafted overseas into a beautiful duvet cover  set. A hidden button closure across the foot of the cover eases bed  making.   Our quality linen is harvested in France and crafted overseas into a  beautiful duvet cover set.  A hidden button closure across the foot of  the cover eases bed making.

The set is prewashed to give it a soft hand, a gentle drape and to  control shrinkage.  Enjoy the casual chic of this on-trend duvet cover  set.  Machine washable and dryable for ease of care.

 What is Linen?
Linen is made from the fibers of the flax  plant. Like cotton it has a long staple which makes it ideal for weaving  into strong threads to make a durable sheeting fabric.

What are the Properties and Benefits of Linen?

  • Linen is absorbent   which makes it a very comfortable fabric in hot and/or humid weather.   It does not feel damp, even when the humidity is high, thereby providing  a cool and dry sleep.
  • Linen is highly breathable.   Air passes through linen fabric easily.  The linen absorbs moisture  from the sleeper and releases it to the outside air.  It is an excellent  alternative for women who experience hot flashes.
  • Linen regulates body temperature  as it has high thermo insulation qualities.  Because it is highly  breathable it keeps skin temperature 3 to 4 degrees lower that other  fabrics such as cotton or silk.  It also has high heat conductivity  which allows it to keep you warm and cozy in winter.
  • Non-allergenic.   Because linen does not support the growth of bacteria or fungus it is  considered antibacterial.  Good news for allergy sufferers who react to  these allergens.  Linen can also be washed and ironed at hot  temperatures which kills dust mites, another common allergen.
  • Soft. Linen becomes softer and smoother with washing making it more comfortable with each use.
  • Durable.  Because the linen fibers are very strong, linen fabric is extremely durable and long wearing.