Big Blue Moma Round Basket, Large - Earthy Greens

Big Blue Moma Round Basket, Large - Earthy Greens

Big Blue Moma

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Imagine your knitting project in this fabulous fair trade, stylish and sturdy Ghana Basket. This basket is one of our more popular styles. It's single handle and  wide mouth make it a great market basket, magazine storage or fruit  basket. The black and white goat leather handle is the signature of the  collective we buy from. The elephant grass is dyed in rustic pots over a  wood burning fire and the handles are sewn by the men who are employed  by the collective. 

All baskets are woven by hand in the Bolgatanga area  of Ghana, West Africa. Handles are covered with goat leather reinforcing  it's construction while also adding an extra level of comfort when  carrying a full load. Large Round Bolga Baskets are approximately 18 inches x 18 inches x  11 inches high not including the handle and fold for easy shipping. 

The majority of African baskets are shipped flat and can be easily  reshaped by submerging in water. Maintain your Ghana basket by  submerging it fully once or twice a year to hydrate the grasses and  tighten up the weave. These baskets are a longstanding tradition in  Ghana and you will be amazed at their durability as well as their  stylish appearance. 

All Big Blue Moma baskets are made by hand and as such, size and shape may vary slight from what is pictured.
Most Big Blue Moma Baskets ship flat and may require reshaping when  they arrive.  To do this dip them in water and shape them with your  hands.