Artigee Spider Strainer, 2pc

Artigee Spider Strainer, 2pc

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From hotpot, to fried chicken, to steamed vegetables, use these Spider  Strainers to drain excess liquid from your food and transport it out of  your pot. Made using premium materials, these Spider Strainers are easy  to use and built to last.

  • FOR FRIED FOODS - Use these Spider Strainers to transport and strain food that has been deep fried. 
  • FOR EVERYDAY USE - These Spider Strainers can be used to remove pasta or steamed vegetables from a pot of boiling water. 
  • DURABLE - Made using premium and durable materials, these Spider Strainers are built to last!  
  • RELIABLE HANDLES - The handles on these Spider Strainers will allow you to  effortlessly maintain a firm grip on your food. 
  • SLEEK DESIGN - These Spider Strainers have  a sleek and polished design that allows them to fit in seamlessly with  the rest of your kitchen tools. 

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