Global 2 Piece Knife & Sharpener Set (G2, G91SB)

Global 2 Piece Knife & Sharpener Set (G2, G91SB)

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The G-series knives were among the first Japanese knives to be introduced to Western markets and have a devout following of happy customers. This is a classic collection of large longer-bladed knives with weighted hollow handles. Seamless melding of handle to blade, great balance, forgiving knife that does not damage easily and takes a keen edge. This 2 piece set includes the 8" cook's knife which is great for thicker cuts of vegetables, fruits and meats or mincing and chopping herbs. The curved blade enables a rocking cut and wide surface enables knuckle clearance and gathering of cut food. In addition, the set includes the grey ceramic water stone sharpener for a complete sharpening process.The first stage of sharpening, features the white coarse wheel to sharpen dull and chipped edges. While the pink fine wheel is great for standard sharpening and polishing the blade edges. Just fill it with water and pull the blade through. It's that easy. Ice tempered and hardened to Rockwell C56-58 Made from Cromova 18 stainless-steel. Holds a razor sharp edge longer than any other steel and resists rust, stains and corrosion Each knife is carefully weighted to ensure perfect balance in the hand The smooth contours and seamless construction eliminate food and dirt traps, offering the ultimate in safety and hygiene Lifetime warranty against defects and breakage Made in Japan